Realty Groups: A Quick Guide


Phyllis frankel realty group has been in the real estate game in Florida for a very long time this real estate agency has seen a city grow from a small city into a metropolitan. The  Phyllis Frankel reality group has been selling houses  in south Florida for a very long time.

Frankel invested using the realtors during the seventies after some time the realtors  were inadequate and she had to do the business on her own. She went into real estate on her own and  at the end of the day she  did find out that she knew more  than  those  she had  hired.

The use of a whole set of employees has been a successful strategy used by the Phyllis Frankel Realty Group in order  to  provide their customers with the  satisfaction they require  and   high level  of services this includes providing   managers this is to ensure that  the realtors have enough time with their clients .

Any purchase or transaction is conducted by a specialist  at who ensures that  any transaction that you make is successful therefore  you can be  able to communicate with the specialist  in order to   know what is going on with your sales or the transaction you are conducting.

Agency in sales is very important hence the use of a marketing manager who ensures that in case you are selling  your house it gets to be in the top ten of the search engines this ensures that at the end of the day you get to sell your property in time .

The same thing applies to the purchasing of a new house it is straightforward to  locate a house that you want, and you can be able to find the house at a lower  price hence the  need to locate the group.

The pioneer Frankel is still in the business of selling high-end properties, and also  she participates in the selling of  property that you hand to have at an excellent price. For more facts and information about Realty Groups, visit

In case you are looking for  property  in  Jacksonville  Ponte Vedra is one of the  most  luxurious estates to live in due to its close proximity with Jacksonville and the  airport the estate is also in close proximity to the  St John count school this is an award-winning school  hence you can have your kids learn in one of the best schools in the country.

The estate is also a very hot cake due to its close  proximity to the beach, you can be visiting the beach during the  weekend or just for a swim their different types of homes available for sales this is  condos  and even the normal homes you can even look for a gated community if you want to be in a gated community or you can also purchase yourself an ocean front house  for the view.


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